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Cat and Slime by StarBoy8
Cat and Slime
I decided to draw my two minecraft skins from my RP server 

On the Left
Name: Angel 
Species: Mutant Cat 
Age: 26
Height: 5'4
Rank: Supreme commander 
Weapon of choice:  StarSaber 
Armor of choice: Modified advanced mining armor for flight abilities   
Bio: Dont let her height fool you, when it comes to soldiers no one is stronger than this cat. After serving in the U.T.C. military for several years she would find herself having one of the most successful track records of any soldier mainly do to her finding the legendary god forged StarSaber a weapon so strong it can kill with only the slightest of cut. She would find her self in control after the enderdragon was slain and the balance of power shifted. She's proven herself to be near unkillable do to her custom armor which gives her flight. This combined with her sword makes her the strongest mutant of the U.T.C.. However take away the sword and armor and she is not much of problem prompting her to never keep the two items out of her sight. 
(yes i know she's over powered but that's just my current strength level in my server)

On the Right
Name: Sarah or "Slips"
Species: Mutant Slime (small)
Age: 35
Height: 6'1
Rank: Fleet Admiral 
Weapon of choice:  Goliath Cannon 
Armor of choice: Goliath Armor 
Bio: Being born a mutant made of slime she acts as her own power source. Because of this she was quickly recruited to be apart of the Goliath squadron a special forces group made of slimes wearing heavy armor and caring heavy weapons. Her squad was very successful until they where nearly wiped out investigating the lost project W.I.T.H.E.R.. She would be one of the few survivors but would no longer be apart of the Goliath squadron as it would been shut down. Most memebers of the squad would go on to achieve high ranks and this went for her as well. In time she proved to be a good leader and would be put in charge of the U.T.C. Sky Armada. Though she does not see combat that does not mean she forgot how to. When a mission is too dangerous she will once again suit up in her Goliath armor. She recently has been placed as the captain of the U.T.C.'s largest ship the Olympus and is tasked with exploring the world and finding the lost project W.I.T.H.E.R.


Most call me Blue
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
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About ME!
real name: i don't even know anymore
age: 17
free time spent doing: submiting art to this site and video games watching anime
books: ???? if you can find one that's good ill read it but i'm very picky
i also look very feminine for a guy ...
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I <3 OPTIMUS!!!!

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I've been trying to practice my art by drawing what i normally draw but with some experimentation. I also have been trying to draw stuff i want to be able to draw but lack the ability too (i feel like crap after i do though). I'm not stating the issue though. My problem is i want to draw and i want to practice more than ever but i sadly am lacking all creativity and inspiration. I'm so upset at myself. Any way if anybody has any small request or ideas for things i could work on tell me. Don't ask for something that obviously wouldn't fit my gallery, also no oddly specific fetishes and no comics. (don't expect anything really nice everything is practice so not too much effort will be put in)
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